More Projects

The February Lady Sweater is done and looks like this:

February Lady Sweater

See how it goes nicely with my living room wall?

I’m happy with it overall. The button holes I made were way too big, so I ended up sewing part of them closed. I think I would have made the yoke a little longer if I were to do it over again.

In an effort to use up a bunch of stashed Cascade 220, I’m attempting to knit owls. I’m knitting a size large in hopes of getting an extra small. So far, it’s a little on the big side, but I think it will fit. Otherwise, Sophy gets it in exchange for all the nice things she’s given me. :)

Half Done Owls

A sleeve and body in a pile on the floor

I started knitting a Robin’s Egg Blue hat today for a friend’s neighbor who was just diagnosed with cancer. It’s my first hat, so I’m excited to see how it works out. The hat needs to be done by the end of February, so owls is on hold until it is finished.

Unrelated to knitting, I’ve found a new job! Pretty much the best job ever. I haven’t started yet because there’s still some visa related issues that need to be settled, but I’m looking forward to working on some cool stuff, learning how to be a morning person again, doing Ruby professionally again (even though it’s been a short hiatus) and giving the Erlang book I borrowed back.

I wonder how many programmers besides me use a new job as an excuse to buy cute dresses?